Older Modules


Here are the modules I built before 2005 or so. Some of them are still in my modular, the rest are sitting in the closet (though they do get out from time to time).
These were built with circuit boards from:

Most of these I have two (or more) of.

Blacet Time Machine

Blacet MiniWave Details

Blacet LFO

CGS06 Burst Generator and CGS28 Sequential Switch Details here

CGS07 Gate Sequencer and CGS42 Gate Sequencer CV Details here


CGS23 Analog Logic

CGS29 Wave Multipliers Details here<

CGS31 Digital Noise

CGS35 Steiner-Parker Synthacon Filter

CGS57 Bi-N-Tic Filter Details here


Oakley Little EG


Oakley Little Lag

Oakley Sample and Hold

Oakley Equinoxe Phaser


Oakley Super Ladder

Papariel Warp 633 Ring Modulator Details here

Papariel Polyvoks Filter

Papariel Linear ADSR

Tellun TLN442 Low Pass Filter


Tellun TLN156 Neural Agonizer

EFM VCO 4E Details here

EFM ARP 4072 VCF Details here

EFM Diode Ladder VCF Details here

Reversible Mixer


Diode Ring Modulator Details here


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