Some of my favorite guitar & synth links - in no particular order.
These links are good as of March 11, 2011

  • The unofficial Leo Kottke Website
    Has links, TABs, video, all kinds of good stuff. Click on the little guitar in the upper left corner if you have trouble.

  • Official Leo Kottke Website The man himself.

  • Michael Hedges
    Everything you need to play his stuff! With TAB and video.

  • Baltimore Clasical Guitar Society
    Good website with links to a lot of other guitar societies - maybe one near you!

  • Just Strings
    Like the name says: an on-line store that sells all types and brands of strings. Some I never knew existed.

  • Guitar Gallery of Houston
    An on-line store music store - fantastic selection of clasical guitar scores, CD's, videos, younameit. Fast and courteous.


    Synthesizer DIY links

  • Synthfool
    The late Kevin Lightner's site - lots of good synth info

  • Vintage Synth Explorer
    The straight poop on most of the synths out there (new or on ebay)

  • Stooge Larry "wise guy" Hendry
    Good DIY info - website of the Late Larry Hendry.

  • KeyKit
    A script driven MIDI software utility

  • Yves Usson's Synth DIY pages
    Has PCB layouts and Panel Silkscreens (DotCom format) for a lot of nice modules here.

  • ACX Synth
    Alain Coupel's Website - some interesting module designs (and a few kits also)
    Much of it is in french, but the Google Translater does a fair job.

  • Baltimore SDIY
    The Baltimore Synth DIY group

    Check out the Synth DIY forum here

  • Muffwiggler
    Check out the Music Tech DIY forum here

  • PCBs and Kits

  • Magic Smoke Electronics
    Has PCBs for several Thomas Henrey designs, as well as his classic books.

  • Scott Juskiw's DIY projects
    Sells circuit boards for unusual (and high quality) synth modules

  • Ken Stone's Cat Girl Synthesizer
    Lots of excellent PCB's for sale

  • Ray Wilson's Music from Outer Space
    A lot of good schematics and DIY tips . . . and some nice PCBs!

  • Jim Patchell's Patch Hell
    He has some good PCB's for sale - advanced DIY

  • Oakley Modular
    Oakley boards are back! Located in the UK. Ships worldwide.

  • Papareil Synth Labs
    Some good PCB's (Linear VCADSR!) from Marc Bareille in France. Ships worldwide.

  • Blacet
    High quality kits - some of the greatest synth modules of all time.

  • Synthesis Technology - "MOTM"
    Sells high quality kits and complete synth modules. Also sells CEM chips!

  • PAiA
    John Simonton's famous kits

  • Synth Module Manufacturers (No Kits)

    AKA "dotcom"

  • Encore Electronics
    MOTM format modules, including an excellent Frequency Shifter, as well as the Expressionist MIDI-CV converter.

  • Cyndustries
    Mostly Modcan format, but now has a through-zero VCO in "dotcom" and MOTM format.

  • Documentation and Schematics

  • ARP Odyssey Resource Page
    Everything about the Oddy

  • ARP Explorer Resource Page
    A new site devoted to the Explorer!

  • David Peachey's Digisound
    Everything there is about the Digisound Modular System

  • Moog Archives

  • David Hylander's Schematics and Manuals page

  • A Neon Tube Organ

  • ARP2600 Documentation
    including ARP 2600 service manual!

  • ARP2500 Documentation

  • Electronics Parts Suppliers

    Most of the parts needed for synthesizer building can be found (for USA customers) at Mouser, Digikey and Newark. Pretty much all of the other stuff can be found at the other places I've listed here.

    They have most of the stuff you'll need.

    They have some of the stuff that Mouser doesn't carry.

    They have some of the stuff that Mouser and Digikey don't carry.

    They have some stuff that nobody else has, like Bucket Brigade Chips and Vactrols!

  • Tempco Resistors

    - These were as rare as rooster eggs for a while, but now several people are selling them just for synth DIY people:

  • Precision Resistors
    Has 1K +3500ppm/K and other smaller values in stock. They manufacture them. The page for the aformentioned PT146 is here.

  • Magic Smoke Electronics
    Has 2K +3500ppm/K as well as PCBs for Tom Henry's Mankato Filter.

  • Ray Wilson's Music from Outer Space
    Ray sells 2K +3500ppm/K with his VCO PCB

  • Elby Designs
    1K +3500ppm/K. Go here (look under "Others"). He also has ASM-1 PCBs and kits. Located in Australia but ships worldwide. I ordered some tempcos from here and got them in a week!

  • James Patchell's Patch Hell
    TelLabs Q81 2K +3500ppm/K. Go here

  • Cables

  • A2Z Cables
    I use their multi-colored patchcords which come in sets of eight - AVB18-1 = 1 foot, AVB18-3 = 3 foot and AVB18-6 = 6 foot.

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