The ARP 1006 FILTAMP - Transistor Ladder Filter and VCA on a single board. This same board is also used in the 1045 Voltage Controlled Voice module.

SCHEMATIC - (click on image to download full-sized version)


Resistors1/4 watt, 10%, carbon composite
27 OhmR92, R93
100 OhmR56
330 OhmR80, R81
390 OhmR86
470 OhmR30, R31, R32
820 OhmR34
1 KR88
1.8 KR33
2.2 KR89
3.3 KR26, R27
4.7 KR76, R83, R90
10 KR20, R25, R87, R91
15 KR39, R41
18 KR57, R59,
22 KR50, R67
33 KR22, R23
39 KR24
56 KR21, R43
100 KR44, R45, R46, R47, R48, R49, R51, R61, R62, R63, R64, R65, R66, R68
220 KR35, R36
470 KR16, R17, R18, R19, R79
680 KR75
Resistors1/4 watt, 1%, metal film
3.32 KR72
5.36 KR54
6.98 KR73
15 KR55
Tempco Resistors1/4 watt, 3%, +3500ppm
100 OhmR74
Trim PotsLinear Taper
Capacitors20%, 35 volt, tantalum
Capacitors20%, 50 volt, ceramic disc
20 pFC7, C9, C11
30 pFC3, C4
50 pFC8, C10
2200 pFC6 (2.2 nF)
0.01 uFC14, C15, C16, C17 (10 nF)
0.1 uFC1 (100 nF)
Capacitors50 volt, film
0.68 uFC2 (680 nF)
Capacitors20%, 35 volt, tantalum
1.0 uFC12, C13
1N5236CR6 (7.5V Zener)
1N914CR1 thru CR5
TZ81 **Q20
TZ581Q17, Q27
NPN Matched PairQ1 - Q14, Q21 - Q24
PNP Matched PairQ15, Q16, Q25, Q26
NPN/PNP ASSYQ18 (TZ81), Q19 (TZ581) matched complementary pair
Integrated Circuits
LM301AHA1, A2
Potted Modules
4001-003Exponential Module
PotentiometersLinear Taper
50 KR5, R10
100 KR1, R2, R3, R4
PotentiometersAudio Taper
100 KR6, R7, R11, R12

** - TZ-81 alternate part was the 2N5249, also defunct. 2N3904 would be a modern equivalent. Also a 2N3906 would be the modern substitute for the TZ-581 (alternate 2N5367) that ARP used as the PNP complement to the TZ-81.

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