The ARP 1005 MODTAMP - This module combined a Balanced Modulator and a VCA.

Some 1005 module photos and the 1005 spec sheet can be found at the HKU Hilversum website

SCHEMATIC - (click on image to download full-sized version)


Resistors1/4 watt, 10%, carbon composite
27 OhmR102, R103
56 OhmR73, R74
100 OhmR51, R55
330 OhmR10, R19
390 OhmR42, R63, R68
470 OhmR48
1 KR100
3.3 KR72
4.7 KR40, R46, R79
10 KR??, R9, R18, R43, R64, R69, R75
15 KR85, R91, R21
18 KR53
22 KR34, R??, R80, R82
33 KR6, R16, R50
47 KR52, R65, R70
56 KR41, R56
100 KR23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R28, R31, R54, R62, R66, R67, R71, R76, R92, R93, R94, R95
150 KR78, R81, R83, R84, R98, R99
390 KR36
470 KR86, R87, R88, R89, R90
1 MegR8, R17, R60, R61
Resistors1/8 watt, 1%, metal film
3.32 KR35
6.98 KR37
30.1 KR4, R13
121 KR3, R11, R12
Tempco Resistors1/4 watt, 3%, +3500ppm
100 OhmR38
Trim PotsLinear Taper
2.5 KR47
50 KR49
100 KR97, R101
250 KR57
PotentiometersLinear Taper
10 KR1, R2
50 KR22
100 KR29, R30
Capacitors20%, 50 volt, ceramic disc
20 pFC1, C4, C7, C10, C13, C16
30 pFC2, C5, C8
50 pFC3, C6, C9, C15, C18
680 pFC12
0.001 uFC26, C27 (1nF)
0.0022 uFC11, C14, C17 (2.2nF)
0.01 uFC25 (10nF)
0.1 uFC19, C20, C21, C22
Capacitors20%, 35 volt, tantalum
10 uFC23, C24
1N4148CR1 thru CR17 (all)
2N5460Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
2N5172Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10
TZ581 **Q11, Q12
TZ81 **Q17
TZ581Q14, Q15 (matched pair)
TZ81Q18, Q19 (matched pair)
TZ81Q20, Q21 (matched pair)
NPN/PNP ASSYQ13 (TZ581), Q16 (TZ81) matched complementary pair
Integrated Circuits
1339A2, A3, A4
LM301AHA1, A5, A6
Potted Modules
4014A7 Balanced Modulator Sub-Module

** - TZ-81 alternate part was the 2N5249, also defunct. 2N3904 would be a modern equivalent. Also a 2N3906 would be the modern substitute for the TZ-581 (alternate 2N5367) that ARP used as the PNP complement to the TZ-81.

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